Basement Tapes

by Two-Headed Boy

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    This is an album made by me in my basement. It's lo-fi, kind of dark, but I hope- catchy enough to hook you. These songs are about my life, the people I've loved (and some who I didn't love so much), and my questions and answers about who the Heart and Character of God is. Pass on the music to your friends or anyone you know if you think they will like it. I'd be much obliged. Thanks!

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If you like these tracks make sure you pass them onto your friends and family. I want to get my music out and into the world.

These tracks were all recorded in my basement by myself. With the exception of 'We Have Seen The Ghost' and 'I Was A Fool', which were both recorded in a friends empty concrete wine cellar. (Those tracks both use the natural reverb and cavernous sounds of the barren concrete.)

These things I have to thank for this album: Unrequited love, unassuming joy, hurt, heartbreak, separation, God, Grace, Love.


released July 27, 2010



all rights reserved


Two-Headed Boy Minneapolis, Minnesota



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Track Name: In Utero/In a Picture
It is well
only today and just for a moment
but it was and He Is
and I am well aware of it now

Some pictures I took didn't take, some dirty or poorly lit
They were of a lost sister whose brother's deceased but I was reminded that these moments are not ours to capture

They are given
graciously handed over and let loose
but still not totally mine or yours
or really anyone's

to take

and to run away
it is futile/useless

all pictures burn up eventually
and falling as they do
from our hands
even when we don’t want to lose hold

we are lost

this is our worst fear
that our lives would be forgotten
or that our loves would be captured
or that we would lose our sanity and

and lose all track of time.

I am reminded sometimes
that I don’t have to remember everything
or hold onto images in my head
of a dancing and twirling girl in the field

wounded as she is

I am reminded that it is okay to sleep
and to forget

and to wake up.
Track Name: Another Poem About Night
I push through
from the day
to night.

It falls fast
and never leaving
quite alone,

it sucks me in,
and makes me
one of them.

The night has stars
like children.
All tangled and in trouble

The night has hands

to grip, to fight, to run,
and for holding onto.
But it can’t forever.

It is prominent,

It is promiscuous,

It is trapped and hidden inside of a wave.

I push through
from the night
to day.

I can’t stop walking
even if I wanted
to walk and to win and to see;
This is my place,

to be in the inbetween.
Track Name: Just Weight
You are not the weight,
that you carry inside
or the friends that you lost
all along the way.

G-E- Am-D

I won’t run away
I won’t run away
oh I won’t even walk
too fast that you couldn’t catch up
oh I wouldn’t ever
oh I wouldn’t ever

Well, you are not your bones
or even your tissue
or the times that you wish
that you couldn’t be you.
Track Name: Wino Bum
I won’t let you hurt my brothers
I won’t let you take the heart of my sisters
I won’t let you wound-oh my mother
I won’t let you in, so you can destroy her.

You smoke in your bed,
but you sleep in your car
so what does that make

I know that Jesus said
I should love everyone
but did he mean
that I should love just a bum.

I’ll ask with my heart
and not with my mind
because right now
they couldn’t be farther apart.

Whether or not
I will let you in this time
will you make me hurt
will you make me cry
Track Name: Thrift Store Heart
I lost my heartache
on the corner
of you and me
I got it back from the thrift store
down the street
don't mean to be mean
but I don't want you back
it was an impulse buy.

capo 4th fret
D all embelished to
E to D to G-minus high E
Track Name: The Day I Lost In Arizona (First Edition)
It is dusk and we are driving in an oven.

The earth around us
is shrinking and fading away.
Everything is burning up; you can see it at the edges.

It is creeping towards our van but
we are
falling constantly away from it.

The world is grey in the inbetweens
and the tracks of it’s people
get covered up like leaves
under the leadfoot of winter.

It is getting dark fast now
and our headlights change
from being additional to needed.
Shadows start to form behind front doors
and mysterious figures in the dark.

These greys
these greys
these greys
these greys turn into navy blues
like night’s black eye.
As we turn off the road and into an existence of dirty truck stops
and people smoking cigarettes in the cold,
I realize that this day is lost and cannot again be found.
We have only the flow of our memories and thoughts;
and those will both run dry eventually. But despite this,

I am calm,
this is a vacuum
this is space
this is breath held tight and waiting.
This is the best Friday night.